How does JIAOZI work?

Jiaozi will become the users choice as a decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain, with a blockchain that has much lower transaction costs than Ethereum and Bitcoin and other centralized exchanges. . So that's a double profit for you!

Trade decentralized directly from your personal wallet connection app. Unlike centralized exchanges, your assets are not kept and you have 100% ownership of your own cryptocurrency.

Earn free JIAOZI and other tokens with high interest by JIAOZI holders will stake JIAOZI to earn free tokens from big projects and new projects join the team. Even if a user's trading pair is not supported on JIAOZI, you can still earn trading fees when you stake your tokens in Liquidity Pools

NFT collectibles to participate in trading contests and more fun games.

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Pre-Sale and Airdrop

Release 15 million/block

Every 15 million JIAOZI will be issued in addition to the amount allocated to the ecosystem, after the actual emission rate is lower than the amount allocated to the prize structure and burned.

In addition, an amount of JIAOZI equivalent to 8% will be sent to the DEV-only leeches which are burned weekly and never circulated. This means that if 100 JIAOZI is harvested, there are 8 JIAOZI sent to the DEV address.


Join Pre-sale

Min Buy 0.01 BNB = 1000 JIAOZI

Max Buy 5 BNB = 500000 JIAOZI


Claim Airdrop

Claim 300 JIAOZI for the first 100,000 people.


Get Referral

Referral to get 30% BNB + 20% JIAOZI per Airdrop and Buy. Referral NO LIMIT !

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JIAOZI Tokenomics

Pre-sale & Airdrop: 30 %

Liquidity Pools: 25 %

Profile creation & NFT minting: 15 %

Burned: 10 %

Team Dev: 8 %

Farm & Stake: 12 %

Token Name: Jiaozi Swap
Token Symbol: JIAOZI
Decimals: 18
Total Supply: JIAOZI released 15M/Block
Network: Smart Chain
Contract Address: 0x93a32edfef77bcaadd50b2872830fed10f594ee0

NFT Marketplace

Jiaozi supports personalized profiles for users. These profiles allow you to choose your own name, join a team, and choose from NFT profile images you've collected to use as your profile's display picture.


Token Swap

Token swap on Jiaozi Swap are a simple way to trade one BEP-20 token for another via automated liquidity pools.

When you make a token swap (trade) on the exchange you will pay a 0.25% trading fee, which is broken down as follows:

0.17% - Returned to Liquidity Pools in the form of a fee reward for liquidity providers.

0.03% - Sent to the Jiaozi Swap Treasury.

0.05% - Sent towards JIAOZI buyback and burn.

Why doesn't the JIAOZI have a hard-cap?

There is currently no hard limit on the JIAOZI token supply, making it an inflation token. Community members often see this as cause for concern, and while chefs certainly understand the desire for a hard-cap, there's one big reason we don't expect to lay out in the near future:

The main function of JIAOZI is to incentivize providing liquidity to the exchange. Without block rewards, there would be less incentive to provide liquidity.